Hurley's Contract Tree Growing 

Get the plants you need when you need them!

It can often be difficult to source your species or stock in large numbers at short notice.  By planning ahead with us and entering into a pre-growing or contract growing arrangement you will ensure you get the plants you need when you need them without the hassle and stress of last-minute shopping around and lack of availability. 

In general, landscape and development plans are completed many months ahead of landscape construction. Often the plant supply contract is not awarded until a month or so out from installation. Having a lack of notice means that unless the nursery happens to have the right quantity available, pot size, species, or stock collected from seed then substitutions must be made. Both nurseries and landscapers alike share equal displeasure in substituting plant species, so entering into a pre-grow contract early in the project planning stage is the right solution.

Growing time frames will vary greatly according to the time of year, species type you need, container size required, germination time and availability of seed. As a general rule, lead time can vary from 9 weeks to 9 months.


Each pre-growing contract is handled individually by our General Manager. Please contact us to discuss further.